We offer 3 (new one coming soon) types of packaging options for our Private Label Range. We have selected the 3 most popular packaging options that we believe are the best for keeping the ingredients in our products safe and stable whilst remaining affordable…and the best part, our packaging is included in the price.

Medical Grade White Airless pumps (RECOMMENDED)

Our white medical grade packaging is our most popular packaging option. We highly recommend this packaging and it provides UV protection, it is an airless pump calibrated to dispense 0.5ml per press and a side viewing window to display how much product is remaining in the jar. **Where products can not be dispensed into the pump bottles they will be packaging into alternate white packaging eg: spray bottles/lip balm pots etc)

Silver Aluminium Airless pumps

Our silver pumps and pots are also a very popular option for packaging our products into. They are very appealing on the eye and also offer an airless pump to best store your products. They are a brushed aluminium pump bottle with a chrome lid. **Where products can not be dispensed into the pump bottles they will be packaging into alternate silver packaging eg: spray bottles/pots etc)

Supply your own packaging

You are welcome to provide your own packaging to us to dispense the products into, however we do recommend that you test your chose packaging first to ensure our products dispense out of them properly and don’t get blocked. We always try to recommend airless type packaging to those supplying their own. If supplying your own packaging, this is done so at your own cost and does not reduce the unit price of the product. *Packaging is only to be supplied on a per order basis and is not to be stored at our premises